Laboratory Tests

In our well-equipped laboratory, we conduct tests and analysis, especially of cables, wire ropes and lines.

In our well-equipped laboratory, we conduct tests and analyses, especially of cables, cords and wires. In this field of technology we are market leader because of the experience of our highly trained staff.

Many of our test facilities also enable us for different other analyses of various substances and materials. For this reason, we are always looking for new challenges and are also interested in your special requests which might differ from our usual topics of cables, cords and wires. Subsequently the substantial test equipment of our laboratory is noted.

The accredited testing laboratory ets supplies a wide range of services in the field of mechanical and technological tests on cables, cords and wires. Besides others the following tests and analyses are performed:

Mechanical tests

  • dimension checks and design inspections
  • tensile tests
  • wrapping and torsion tests on cable components

Technological tests

  • pressure tests at high temperature
  • investigations of the corrosivity
  • investigations of crack resistance
  • weight loss studies
  • investigations of thermal stability
  • investigations of oil resistance
  • check for irregularities of middle & high voltage cable

In order to complete the range of tests and analyses of cables, cords and wires our laboratory also has the possibility to conduct metallographic (microsections) and chemical analysis (zinc coating, fat content).

The laboratory of ets also has available heating cabinets and climate cabinets which allow for conducting the following tests:

  • aging tests on various plastic material
  • thermal expansion tests (hot-set test)
  • cold elongation test, cold bending test, cold impact test

In addition, we carry out analysis in water baths or in oil baths.


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