We are embedded in an extensive network of partners. This ensures with certainty that we come up to customer requirements.

We do support our customers with special services on tap-changers (OLTC) and insulation oils in electrical equipment, as well as supply of diagnostic- and monitoring instruments.

Together with our partners we also offer comprehensive transformer diagnostics and condition assessment.

Energie- und Telecom Service GmbH” – ets is the service company for maintenance and repair of ELIN and ELIN OLTC on-load tap-changers and off-load tap changers.

The company ELIN OLTC has stopped development and production of on-load tap-changers and off-load tap-changers by 30 June 2002.

The company ets – “Energie- und Telecom Service GmbH” under the lead of Mister Franz Bauer has taken over machines, spare parts and employees of the company ELIN OLTC in liquidation in order to be able to execute world-wide repair and service work for all ELIN and ELIN OLTC tap-changers with the necessary know-how and adequate care. Thus highest reliability of the tap changers revised by us is ensured.

Information about Maintenance Work:

  • Diverter switch
  • Motor drive
  • Driving shafts

The selector switch (and change-over selector) which is installed in the transformer tank does not require any maintenance over the whole lifetime of the transformer. Only in few cases where the number of operations is very high (1 – 1.5 million operations) the necessity for overhaul work can exist.

In order to ensure a high reliability of operation it is recommended to make inspections of the diverter switches regularly. The number of operations after which an inspection is to be executed depends on the transformer service current and the type of on-load tap changer.

The exact number of operations is indicated in the technical instruction which you have received with the supply of the transformer.

DOBLE Engineering Company is the world leader in diagnostic test instruments and knowledge services to the electric power industry. Since 2006 ets – Energie- und Telecom Service GmbH operates as local contact in Austria for Instruments, Diagnostics and Monitoring.

Since Doble Engineering Company was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1920, it has served the electric power industry by providing diagnostic instruments, services and, above all, knowledge. The company maintains the Doble Knowledgebase – the epicenter of industry research and the world’s most extensive resource library of apparatus test results and knowledge.

With acquisition of the Norwegian Company TransiNor and the German HV-specialist Lemke doble enlarged its product range. With this and the British based Doble Power Test (DPT) Doble provides important facilities in Europe.

Products / Applications:

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA) for transformer analysis
  • Circuit Breaker Diagnostics
  • Insulation Analysis
  • Oil Materials Analysis
  • On-Line Monitoring
  • Protection Diagnostics
  • Partial Discharge Detection and Monitoring
  • Transformer Diagnostics
  • Surge Arrester Monitoring

GATRON is a known specialist in developing and manufacturing processes and equipment for transformer diagnosis by gas analysis and assisting services.

  • oil sampling and laboratory diagnostics
  • Extraction Gas-Sampler EGS: simple and reliable way for manual DGA sampling
  • Oil Sampler OilS: hermetic sampling – e.g. together with EGS
  • Breathing Buffer Box G3B: Post-Installation Hermetic Sealing of Oil Transformers for substance conservation

Morgen Schaffer was established in 1965 in Montreal, Canada, and has become a world leading supplier of DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) Services and monitoring solutions. In 2017 Morgan Schaffer became a new subsidiary of Doble Engineering and today offers:

  • CALISTO – Online DGA Monitor
  • MYRKOS – portable gas analyser
  • TRUE NORTH und ATLANTIS – certified oil standards
  • INSIDE VIEW – DGA Diagnostic Software
  • More than 50 years of DGA expertise


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