Accredited Testing Laboratory


Our testing laboratory for cables is unique in the scope of testing in Austria! The company ets is an independent engineering and service company providing a wide range of services into utility market for electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication, data network and related industries.


The accreditation of our laboratory according to law, and the EN ISO / IEC 17025 was declared by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA), by decision GZ: 92714/105-I/12/02 of february the 18th 2002. By decisionGZ BMWFJ-92.714/0352-I/12/2012 of July, 2nd 2012 the accreditation was extended.


In our well-equipped laboratory, we conduct tests and analysis of cables, wire ropes and lines. In this field of technology we are market leader because of the experience of our highly trained staff. We can carry out the quality-control for power-cables as well as for communication-cables in our well-equipped testing laboratory in Vienna 21, Tonfabrikgasse 4.


We offer you the following services:


  • acceptance inspection and receiving controls for nearly all kinds of cables
  • routine test and screening according to relevant standards
  • type approval tests on selected samples
  • acceptance inspection under your attendance
  • proper storage and delivery on demand


To maintain a healthy environment we conduct all old cables and related components to a lawful disposal or recycling.


Many large utility companies in Austria currently make use of our services. We are always ready to assist you with a program, tailored to your particular needs.


Contact the manager of ets - testing laboratory This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote.