Tap - Changers


"Energie- und Telecom Service GmbH" - ets is the service company for maintenance and repair of ELIN and ELIN OLTC on-load tap-changers and off-load tap changers. The company ELIN OLTC has stopped development and production of on-load tap-changers and off-load tap-changers by 30 June 2002.

The company ets - "Energie- und Telecom Service GmbH" under the lead of Mister Franz Bauer has taken over machines, spare parts and employees of the company ELIN OLTC in liquidation in order to be able to execute world-wide repair and service work for all ELIN and ELIN OLTC tap-changers with the necessary know-how and adequate care.

Thus highest reliability of the tap changers revised by us is ensured.


If you have any request or if you are just interested in further information, don't hesitate to contact our expert Martin Kerschbaum.



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