Mission Statement


Our name is our strategy.

Energy and Telecom Service GmbH, abbreviated to ets, sees itself as an independent engineering and service company providing a wide range of services into utility market for electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication, data network and related industries. Our objectives are always oriented to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders:


Meeting the requirements and the exact observance of time limits make us to a reliable partner for all customers who search for the highest quality at affordable prices.


We are a young austrian company with a high focus on quality assurance and testing of relevant components for electric power and data transmission. Experience, high competence and dedication of our employees act as a role model for competitors. The willingness to learn of each employee contributes to the success of our company.


To satisfy all customer requirements at the highest level we make use of a network of qualified, well selected national and international partners. We expand our product range and our competences constantly to ensure the common long-term success with our partners.


Our company is managed by an economic point of view and a slight organisational structure to ensure that we are permanently the best bidder in the market with sufficient resources for a successful long-term development of our company.


By testing and by doing quality assurance of related components for electric power and data transmission we contribute to a secure electricity and information transmission for our society.