New test method according to EN 50399 for fire tests of cables and wires within the European Union’s Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU (CPR)


The Construction Products Directive has developed into a Regulation (CPR) fully applicable in all EU countries from July 2013. It covers any cable product intended to be incorporated in construction works, including both buildings and civil engineering works.

Starting from now our accredited testing laboratory offers the possibility of heat release measurement and smoke production measurement on cables during flame spread test according to EN 50399. The new test device combining a test chamber with gas analysis instrumentation allows ETS to cover all fire tests included in the Construction Products Regulation for classification of cables into Euroclasses. Furthermore, offering this new test method allows for establishing ETS as Notified Body by servicing our customers as One-Stop-Shop for achieving CE-labeling of our customer’s cable products.


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